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At Scale-Up, Deviance Is How We Defy the Mean and Beat the Benchmark

The Problem: Venture Capital Regresses toward the Mean

  1. VC is a highly quantified activity. Any detail that can be converted into a countable metric is. Quantification is beneficial in that it lets us measure our performance. Returns matter, and they must be calculated. But such counting also increases the salience and gravity of the central tendencies: the mean, the median, and the mode dominate.
  2. VC is a highly risky activity. Though startups’ prospects improve as they grow, fully 97% of seed-stage startups fail to exit. This is nothing to fear. Experienced VCs understand that the game is to lose $1…

Learning from the Music Industry

  1. that we have time for this at all in our 70-hour-plus work weeks and
  2. that so much of the content is so banal.

In the world of Silicon Valley VCs, class is capital.

The secondary, pre-IPO market for shares is a rough and wild place with great rewards … and great risks.

The full version of Alex Lazovsky’s recent Forbes article debunking the hype in recent headlines about Silicon Valley VC.

Some Initial Thoughts about an Old-New Idea that Is as Obvious as It Is Insane

Scale-Up’s take on the WSB/Gamestop mischief and how it relates to VC

Scale-Up VC blog

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